[OOC: Woes of a fandom…]

When I started this tumblr account, I just wanted to join in the fun of creating a character that I like and playing as her. After about 6 months of being in the Resident Evil tumblr fandom, I have seen many things but sadly, most of them are of discord especially when opinions between the games and shipping come into play.

Let me get the opinion of the different games out of the way first. Capcom has said that the games have changed from survival horror to dramatic horror, hence the more “actiony” elements which a lot seem to hate. 

Personally, I don’t want to spend hours walking up and down (or to and fro) a building looking for a key or emblem or a plot device. Times have changed and companies have to cater to the current audience tastes. If you don’t like the latest games, please let others play those games first instead of brainwashing them into hating it too. Just please?

And if others like the newest games, then please don’t be rude and bash their opinions. You are not them and they are not you. We are all made differently to like and dislike various things. It is disrespectful to force people to mold their opinions so they fit yours. Well it’s a fair world out there. I like chocolate, others may hate it. It’s the same principle. 

Now comes the dangerous grounds of shipping. Oh boy… Where do I even start?

There are tons of ships in RE and there are numerous fans in different ships. If you like one ship, that’s cool but please, don’t deliberately bash another ship because that it is your rival ship. I have seen an RE deviantArt piece where a person commented, “I may not like X ship but it’s really fantastic art”. The poor person gets jumped on because he just said he didn’t like the ship. For goodness sake people, he just said he didn’t like it, he didn’t badmouth your ship, he didn’t say your ship sucks, he didn’t say shippers who ship it are delusional. He just said he. didn’t. like. it. Period. In fact, you’re on deviantArt after all, how about focusing on the latter part of his sentence? The art is good! That’s what he was trying to get across!

Then there was a case where this girl wrote a short statement about  a ship (Nivanfield) which she did not understand and poor girl gets jumped on by shippers from said ship. The whole “I will avenge in the name of my ship” is just plain ridiculous. Hello people, she just said she is NOT homophobic and you are accusing her of being one? Why are you putting words into her mouth? Also, English is not her native language so please cut her some slack. 

Before I get accused of being homophobic, I have friends who are gays and lesbians. I ship Kurt and Blaine from Glee. I am very open minded. 

Now, I get why people ship Nivanfield. Two men who are close, bonded and care about each other. I get it but in my opinion, I think what they displayed was brotherhood-friendship, not romance. I also think it’s not in character for Chris to be gay. He has never shown any inkling towards men in the games. I will also say I have not seen him flirt with women either but this line from RE: Revelations, “Maybe he’s (Chris) already taken, Jessica.” implies that he is interested in women. 

I am NOT creating ship wars between Nivanfield and Valenfield or whatever Xfield ships. I just said that I understand why certain pairings are shipped and I RESPECT those ships and their shippers. I personally ship Aeon but I do not go around publicly shaming and blacklisting rival ships. In fact, I have favorited Cleon art pieces in my own deviantArt account because the art is good! I got past the ship and saw the beauty of the art. It’s amazing.

All I’m saying is please don’t let shipping cloud your judgement and lead to unnecessary flame wars all over the fandom. We fell in love with Resident Evil so why can’t be a big quirky family full of unique individuals? The fandom is not even united at all and this is sad. 

Why can’t we respect each other’s opinions? Why can’t someone say something in a civilized manner without getting jumped on? What happened to friendly discussion? *sigh*

Oh and before I forget, there’s also roleplaying…

I think it is important to separate the muse from the mun. I have seen cases where the muse (call it A) is in character and states a questionable opinion against another muse (call it B) but the poor mun (A’s mun) gets hated on instead. Erm why? If you wanna hate, just hate on the character, the mun (A) had nothing to do with it. Being friends with a mun (B) does not entitle you to hate on other muns (A and others) who only said IN CHARACTER that the muse (B) was just questionable. That kind of hate is just plain silly.

Then comes headcanons and AUs. I understand that each character has its own headcanon and story, mine too, but it is important to remember what was shown in the games instead of getting all messed up thinking your own headcanon is actual canon and get into fights over it. I know we all get carried away with our own plot lines but please don’t get into unnecessary arguments over your own characterization and timeline.

Plagiarism. Oh boy, it’s a touchy issue. There are so many character accounts out there and we get inspiration from various accounts from time to time that we unconsciously incorporate it into our own characters. That is quite a slippery slope… How about giving credit where credit is due? If you got the idea from X tumblr blog, just say so. Please don’t pass it off as your own idea or others will definitely get peeved. I got my ask blog idea from the asklsk account.  There’s also copying and pasting dialogue from fan fiction stories. That is obviously not right unless you were the one who wrote the story and you are using those sentences again. Passing off other people’s written work as your own is outright plagiarism. Remember when you were in school and copied someone else’s homework? That is plagiarism and cheating. Same principle.

Interpretation of characters… Everyone interprets them differently but it’s just really awkward reading a character who has a very big libido and basically fornicating every character with two legs. Including characters that have a very big grudge against them as shown in the games. It is also kinda off for a character who has been against bio-terrorism their whole lives suddenly accepting a villain’s actions. Eh? I know I shouldn’t bash on other people’s characterizations but the main point is, I still respect those characterizations even though it’s unusual to me.

TLDR? Please R-E-S-P-E-C-T everyone in the fandom and their various opinions and don’t blindly bash those opinions because they conflict with yours. 

I will also reiterate again that I am not creating ship wars or opinion hate or roleplaying rivalries. I’m just letting something out of my chest after seeing all these for the past few months.

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